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Take Control of your profits!

Control liquor loss and improve profitability with our inventory auditing solutions. A consultant will work on-site to perform a comprehensive audit of your bar, measuring the weight of every bottle in your inventory. We will use this data to generate detailed reports analyzing your inventory, sales patterns, purchase patterns, variances, and pour cost. Use this information to determine theft, loss, your most profitable drinks, and how gain pricing leverage against your distributors.

Extracting an Extra Ounce of Profit.

A typical bar generates an unending flow of data in the form of sales information. Yet, most bar managers and business owners actually do nothing with these figures, failing to understand their implications. We build a program, tailored to your operation, that allows you to see clearly exactly what that data has to say. Know where your money's going and what's hurting your bottom line.

25% of all liquor poured is unaccounted for

What if you could cut that number in half? We gurantee 12% of your liquor sales a week is no where near what you'd pay weekly for our services.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your bottom line is the most important facet of running any establishment. Our team takes a huge block off your shoulders and helps you carry the weight. With our experience, known how, and hard work you'll be able to make your business more profitable then you ever imagined.